DVD Tap Tap Boom! / Jared Grimes

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60 min.

3 choreographies.

Join Jared as he blasts you out of your tap
“comfort zone” and into a place of self-expression.
He will guide you through a warm-up and three explosive combinations.
In this video you will learn choreography and find those places within the
steps where you can add your personality and dance comfortably.
Jared’s charisma will motivate and inspire you so that you won’t get
caught up in a web of concentration, sound and discipline. You will find
security in yourself and in your body that enables you to learn in a
comfortable state of relaxation, allowing for steady gains and progress.

Relax your body and mind, let the music of tap guide you down paths of
countless possibilities.

Niveau: intermediate-advanced

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of all the Broadway Dance Center Collection

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