DVD The Complete Sleek Workout / Karen Voight

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+70 min.

Integrate fat-blasting, muscle-toning and lengthening into one synergistic
program to achieve a lean, sculpted, sleek body.

The Complete Sleek Workout offers 5 ways to get fit:

  1. The Complete Sleek 50 min. workout– Maximize workout time and
    accelerate your results by combining cardio moves with muscle
    strengthening and stretching.
  2. Sweat Effect 20 min. workout – Focus on high energy moves for maximum
    calorie burn to get you lean and defined.
  3. Strength Effect 20 min. workout – Focus on sculpting and strengthening
    to create long, shapely muscles.
  4. Sleek Effect 20 min. workout – Focus on body conditioning and
    lengthening exercises to develop a firm and flexible body.
  5. Foam Roller 20 min. workout – Focus on core and balance training to
    make traditional exercises more challenging and effective.

** Some exercises use the foam roller & 3-8 lb dumbbells.

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