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CD 1 / 55 min

(Link to sample) # (Track number) Suggestion Title Time
1 Prepare All of Me / John Legend 4'50
2 Activate Automatic / The Pointer Sisters 5'11
3 Elevate Beating Heart / Ellie Goulding 5'04
4 Intervals 1 Replay / Zendaya 5'24
5 Strenght Shot 1 Shockwave / DJ Shocker 1'52
6 Power 1 La La La / Naughty Boy feat. Sam Smith 5'30
7 Power 2 Thinking About You / Calvin Harris feat. Ayah Marar 5'15
8 Speed Demons / Imagine Dragons 4'30
9 Intervals 2 Take Me Home / Cash Cash feat. Bebe Rexha 4'55
10 Strenght Shot 2 Feel the Beat / Darude 2'22
11 Core Dog Days Are Over / Florence + The Machine 5'52
12 Recovery Team / Lorde 3'00
Songs not performed by original artists


Music on CD + choreographies on DVD + choreographies on paper.

POWER STEP is a 60-minute step program designed to
push your cardio edge into high gear and attack the legs in every plane
of motion, both on the step and on the floor. POWER STEP strengthens
the heart, increases bone mineral density, improves coordination, and
tones the lower body, with every step you take.

Take a look at
and search for “GROUP RX POWER STEP”
… or just click here under …

Group Rx Benefits:

The Group Rx programs were created by a collection of group fitness and
medical experts responsible for many of the most-respected,
pre-choreographed routines in the world. Each release involves hundreds
of hours of music selection, program design, safety evaluation, and

Easy to Teach. Each release comes complete with all the tools you need
to teach a successful class: a CD of the music, a DVD of the
pre-choreographed program, and a choreography booklet outlining the

Use the complete workout as is. Or mix and match tracks to give the
routine your own personal stamp. It’s all you with a little help from

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